For the past five years, I've worked at Indiana University as a design, communications, and marketing specialist. My background is in graphic design and visual communications. In the past year, I have transitioned my role from graphic designer to user experience designer. I love to dive deep into interactions and solve complex messy problems. I recently interned at Teradata where I designed solutions for complex flows and interactions in enterprise!


My interests include exploring design thinking, user-centered design, visual sense-making, and design methods. My strengths are wireframing, collaboration, facilitation, concepting, and methodology. I love exploring the design process. I'm very passionate about human centered design and find it a requirement throughout my design process. 

I am currently in the process of completing the HCI/d Masters program at Indiana University, School of Informatics and Computing in Bloomington, Indiana. 

My research interests lie in IxD, UX, visual communication, design research, and participatory design methods. 

I served as an Executive Board member for Local First Bloomington, a non-profit organization that is committed to supporting and promoting locally owned independent business by educating the public, facilitating collaboration, and engaging in outreach in order to create a more economically and environmentally sustainable local community, while preserving the unique local character.

I love to draw, whether it's sketchnoting, storyboarding, or figure drawing! 

In addition to being a designer, I'm a visual artist, I've participated in several group exhibitions, combining my interest in technology, fine arts, and music. I've performed in various bands playing guitar and drums. I also love to volunteer my time for various organizations and services, such as Girl's Inc.

I also love the outdoors. In August, I traveled throughout the country of Iceland, hiking through lava fields and walking onto glaciers, and last summer, I traveled through 8 national parks in 3 weeks from the Midwest to the Pacific Ocean. I really enjoy hiking, bicycling, and running.

I'd love to speak with you about potential collaboration opportunities, feel free to email me at prrayama [at]