The Ask: 

 eBay is an online marketplace where millions of items are being bought and sold every day by more than 157,000,000 active users. We were asked by the User Experience Design team at eBay to design a new mobile experience. Our challenge is, in two weeks, to explore opportunities for eBay to re-engage their user base back into their ecosystem through their shopping goal experience.

My contribution: 

This was such a fun project, I interviewed revelers and other segmentations, sketched few preliminary concepts, and designed the wireframes using Sketch and Photoshop. 


Special thanks to Evan Tank and Adhithya Ramakumar. Evan made the callouts and document design. Adhithya made the beautiful process visualization. I did the Mobile IOS UI and UX flow. We collaborated on the documentation and all of the research. This was an excellent team to collaborate with.