Migrating to a better life- Understanding Community Perceptions of Migrant Farm workers

Service Design

Download the document  [PDF].

The Challenge:

"How might we improve the lives of migrant farm workers by changing community perception?"

We partnered with Indiana Legal Services (ILS), which provides legal representation in civil suits to Indiana residents who live below the poverty line as well specific constituencies. Chris Christensen, Director of the Migrant Farm worker Law Center, is responsible for making sure migrant farm workers in Indiana have adequate legal counsel and informing them of the legal resources that are available. A series of conversations with Chris and other members of the migrant farm worker's coalition revealed that public awareness is one of the problems related to migrant farm workers.

Our goal was to reframe the problem from public awareness to migrant farm workers’ quality life with the question, “what is the root problem involved in migrant farm workers?”

Timeline of project: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 (approximately 8 months)

Additional Methods Used: Participatory Design, User Journey Maps, Ethnography, Interviews, Field Observations, P.O.E.M.S., Facilitation, Affinity Diagramming, Diary Studies, Photo Studies, 360º Prototyping, Why What's Stopping You?, Collage Method, and many many more. 

Design Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Team Members: Prianka Rayamajhi, Jen Smerdel, Kaelyn Donnelly, Nicholas Walters, Chin Powit Rungsangthiwakorn

Collaborators: Chris Christensen, lawyer from Indiana Legal Services, various business owners in Elwood, Indiana.