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The Ask: 1password is a password manager that allows users to only have to memorize a passphrase to access all of their secure web accounts. The web accounts will have unique passwords that users can generate from 1password's password generator.

 We were presented with the challenge that 1password users were no longer using the password generator because users did not trust the system to auto-populate their passwords with unique passwords.

The Problem: The password generator is not readily visible in the browser interface. This takes several interactions in order to access the password generator. In addition, the functionality of the password generator did not allow users to take part in the unique password generating process. 

Our Process: 

We began our process through exploring various security and password applications and recruited new and existing users of 1 Password to interview. We wanted to understand people’s way of managing multiple passwords, handling threats, how they felt when hacked, and their thoughts on 1Password. 

Most significant problems arose from users who had a wrong mental model of password managers. We synthesized our research and brainstormed problem areas within 1password.

Below is a visualization of the various problem areas of 1password that our group explored:

Visualization made by Adhithya Ramakumar.

Early Sketching: We approached ideation through developing as many sketches individually. Through divergent thinking, we were able to come up with as many sketches and ideas without evaluating our ideas. By deferring judgement, we were able to explore ideas and concepts from simple modifications to radical changes, and go from broad ideas to more specific changes. Once we generated as many ideas as possible, we decided to converge all of our sketches by presenting our ideas and sketches to each other.

• This enabled us to identify common themes and flows that were generated in our sketches and explore those ideas further.

• We evaluated the designs and removed the weak designs and developed prototypes for testing.

Key Insights: Transparency builds trust by eliminating extra steps . Visibility empowers users to utilize extra features. 

We have simplified the interface of 1password’s browser extension in order to motivate users to take advantage of the password generator. The now visible password generator empowers users to create unique passwords while educating them on how to strengthen their passwords in very few steps. Another improvement is the new onboarding process. This process educates users to have a clearer understanding of the varying features of 1password which previously confused users as well as to simplify the process of integrating the browser extensions.

Timeline of project: Fall 2014 (approximately 4 weeks)

Methods Used: Affinity Diagramming, Paper Prototyping, Storyboarding, Concept Scenarios, Graffiti Wall, Personas, Rite Method, Usability Testing.

Design Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch.

Team Members: Prianka Rayamajhi, Adhitya Kumar, Han Paik, Owen Shu

My Contribution: I designed the wireframes and did a lot of the early sketching, primary research, and ideation as well as write the documentation. I also created the wireframes with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch.

Previous Iterations: