Project Overview:

My summer internship with Teradata had many perks. We had 2 team building and professional development days called ROI days. These were 2 full days where employees could spend time learning a new skill or take on a design challenge with a particular software and present these ideas to the global Teradata team. For this project, UX Designer Anna Eaglin and I wanted to explore task reviews with the Apple watch.

The Challenge: 

Task reviews often require a quick feedback loop but can be held up because users may not have quick access to the software. Oftentimes, our users are on the move, often working remotely or traveling. Workflows can get hung up and cause a delay in getting work completed on time.

What we wanted to accomplish:

Exploring haptic feedback and other interactions in enterprise software beyond clicks.

Breaking down components of enterprise software and identifying user flows in wearables. 

Exploring call to action in wearables in the space of enterprise software. Is this the next step in task management?


We began by identifying what components of the task review portion of the software would be ideal for the apple watch concept. At times, workloads can add up or fall behind. We explored task reviews and task delegations through wearable technology for busy users. Our users work in a fast paced environment, where they go from meeting to meeting and work keeps piling on. Task reviews and task delegations are areas that can easily fall through the cracks and go unnoticed until it starts creating more and more backlog. 

We need to:

  • explore the opportunity to politely tap the user when a new task has been created through haptic interactions.
  • provide a call to action: allow users to snooze or delay the response, or simply decline.
  • review comments and feedback.
  • perform simple maneuvers such as task delegation and asset review through drag/drop features.
  • provide the ability to make quick decisions and quickly provide feedback or respond to changes.

Interactive Prototype: View the inVision Prototype

Design Software Used: Sketch, Invision and Keynote

Collaboration: Anna Eaglin and I partnered together. We both split up the wireframes, established style and patterns. I presented the project and created the final deliverable.

What I learned: Complex problems can be broken down and simplified. Simplification isn't easy, but it's also not impossible. Exploring enterprise in different mediums affords designers new and innovative ways to solve existing problems. 

I became more comfortable with making design language more digestible for my audience. I presented to employees all around the world: the Philippines, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I presented the concept to the entire UX team, product managers, senior executives, developers, engineers, marketers, scrum masters, and designers!